About Us

Avia Marine Company has been a premier manufacturer of Aerospace Interior Hradware supplying the commercial aircraft industry since 1960 with the highest quality interior hardware.  Our customers are extremely pleased with our “on-time” delivery schedules and competitive pricing. Our products have been selected by both Boeing and Airbus and most every commercial aircraft around the world. We have recently branched into private aircraft custom re-design door latches. We will work with you to modify and custom design latches according to your specifications, if applicable. 

As simple as a latch and as complex as electronic switches and controls, all Avia Marine products provide one thing- highest quality cosmetic products for the commercial aerospace sector.  With a legacy of quality and design engineering, we live to create components that look beautiful and perform flawlessly.  We supply a large variety of exterior handles, latches, electro-mechanical products for fixed wing applications.

Our Electro-Mechanical Hardware Team designs and manufactures an amazing multitude of interior/exterior hardware products.  These products vary from small latches/handles – to electronic controls – to complete cockpit door modules and assemblies.  Our latches and handles support interior applications as well as locking and non-locking and electronic indicating and non-indicating solutions.

We are a direct buy OEM with PMA approval for the majority of our product line. By offering direct buying capability from the OEM passes on significant cost savings to the airlines and our customers.

Some of our Satisfied Customer Approvals